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This original oil painting captures the sun setting over Kailua Bay, with an outrigger boat peacefully floating on the golden sea. Thick impasto paint creates a textured effect on the waves, adding depth to the scene and making it three-dimensional. The Kini Kini boat's red sail stands out amid distant atmospheric clouds, casting a warm and glowing reflection.


Measuring 3 feet by 1 foot, this original oil painting is a versatile size that can easily fit into various spaces in your home. Whether you want to add a calming coastal vibe to your living room or create a serene atmosphere in your bedroom, TAILWIND is a perfect choice.


Bring the beauty of Kailua Bay into your life with this relaxing oil painting. Don't miss the chance to own a piece that captures the essence of a Hawaiian sunset. Buy now and enjoy a daily dose of tranquility and natural beauty.


All paintings come with a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexander Rokoff. 

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 36" x 12" 


  • We love our Rokoff painting. It is beautiful in our home and brings us back to Hawaii when we look at it. We were very happy with the experience of buying our painting and it was shipped safely to us. We would definitely buy another Rokoff. - Jen & Nordell

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  • Send us a photo of your space and we will create a mock-up to scale for free! 

    *Please note that images of staged paintings are created to give a rough idea of scale. To make sure a piece will fit well in your space, please refer to the painting dimensions.*

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