At Rokoff Studio we love hearing from our collectors and seeing the paintings in their "forever home".


Beautiful paintings pulled my wife and I into an artist’s gallery in the Kona shopping area. When we met Alexander, he had a canvas set up and was painting – the gallery is truly the “Rokoff Studio.” Watching Alexander work is amazing. Mixing the colors and applying them to the canvas, a bit of blue here and a touch of red there, creating a stunning sunset over Kona Bay. Alexander is an accomplished artist with a unique artist’s eye on the world. Photos of Kona from an iphone simply don’t cut it. We decided to commission Alexander to paint a portrait of us (it was actually affordable), and it was one of the best and smartest things we ever did. Alexander is the island’s true artist and his paintings represent the true spirit of Aloha.

- Mick & Erin


Had a wonderful time chatting with the artist. We just stopped by just to look, but found an amazing landscape that we just had to make our own. Definitely was with the cost. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of our trip. It was shipped securely and quickly. Very happy we happened to stop by.

- Frank




Pam & Mark


Pam & Mark