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Alexander's paintings are exquisite! We purchased one for our parents and he shipped it to the states for us. It came packed very well in a crate like structure that protected it. The way the light hits his paintings is amazing. Beyond that, the time Alexander gave us and how he opened up to us at the shop as we were selecting our painting made the experience even better. Thank you!

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Rachel D.

My husband and I bought a beautiful beach scene painting here while on our honeymoon. Camille was very friendly and we were quite happy when the painting was delivered to our doorstep at home in perfect condition thanks to their secure packaging. We're happy to have such a lovely piece of art on our wall to remind us of our trip for years to come.

Emma & Daniel

We love our Rokoff painting. It is beautiful in our home and brings us back to Hawaii when we look at it. We were very happy with the experience of buying our painting and it was shipped safely to us. We would definitely buy another Rokoff.

Jen & Nordell
Terry & Nelda

Initially visiting the gallery we found it refreshing, filled with the variety of subject matter all island focused. Each painting so beautifully done. Camille so beautifully described the story behind paintings offering yet another emotional dimension . We were delighted to spend time with Alexander, talking about his on going journey and passion to artistically express his vision . “Kiki Beach” -Kukio holds our own special memories, the painting is our 57th Wedding Anniversary gift. We were pleased to be invited to attend a traditional Hawaiian Gallery Blessing needless to say that is a first! We wish you many continued blessing in your life journey. We feel we are leaving having made new friends!


We happened upon the studio while visiting the Big Island several months ago. It was a pleasure meeting Camille and Alexander. We loved the stories behind the paintings and were so excited to be able to ship one to our home. It was packed well and arrived in perfect condition. We are happy to add it to our collection.

Robin & Todd

We purchased an amazing painting at Rokoff Studios on the last day of a vacation in Hawaii. Camille, the studio manager, is very knowledgeable, friendly and can tell you the story behind every painting in the gallery. We left Hawaii very excited to receive our painting in El Paso TX. We were kept in the loop during all stages of preparing the painting for shipment and were, and still are, delighted with our purchase and our experience with Rokoff Studio.

Liz & Kelly

Had a wonderful time chatting with the artist. We just stopped by just to look, but found an amazing landscape that we just had to make our own. Definitely was with the cost. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of our trip. It was shipped securely and quickly. Very happy we happened to stop by.


We stopped into Mr. Rokoff's studio near the end of our Hawaii trip because he had the studio open and was working while we were walking around Kona. My partner loved his work and I did as well and we really enjoyed talking with Alexander about his love of Hawaii and his work. We initially left without buying anything but only made it a few yards before deciding we really wanted one of his paintings for our house. So we went back and now have an original hanging above our bed. We can't recommend Alexander's work enough and are very honored to have one of his beautiful paintings hanging in our home. Hopefully we'll add additional pieces in the future!


Both Camille & Alexander are amazing people! They’re very welcoming & friendly! The passion they have for the pieces is priceless! We look forward to seeing them every time we’re in Hawaii! Sweetest people out there! The art is displayed perfectly in their studio! Alexander will also take a painting outside to show how it comes alive in the sun!!

Pam & Mark
Mick & Erin

Camille was hanging on the wall when we first met her. Beautiful paintings pulled my wife and I into an artist’s gallery in the Kona shopping area. Camille’s portrait opened a portal into the world of her husband, artist Alexander Rokoff.  When we met Alexander, he had a canvas set up and was painting – the gallery is truly the “Rokoff Studio.” Watching Alexander work is amazing. Mixing the colors and applying them to the canvas, a bit of blue here and a touch of red there, creating a stunning sunset over Kona Bay. Alexander is an accomplished artist with a unique artist’s eye on the world.  Photos of Kona from an iphone simply don’t cut it. It’s like comparing a fresh-cut papaya to a glazed doughnut. We decided to commission Alexander to paint a portrait of us (it was actually affordable), and it was one of the best and smartest things we ever did.  Alexander is the island’s true artist and his paintings represent the true spirit of Aloha.


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