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Commissioning a painting offers the opportunity to own a customized and meaningful piece of art while engaging in a collaborative creative process. It's a wonderful way to acquire artwork that truly reflects your individuality, taste, and personal story.

Commissioning a painting with Rokoff Studio is an easy, straightforward process.

To begin your consultation, book an in-person meeting or Zoom call with Alexander where you will receive a quote. After we receive your deposit, Alexander will begin a mock-up of your painting, after you approve the mock-up, he will begin your custom oil painting. The painting process typically takes about 6-8 weeks. When your commission is almost complete we will send you a photo of your painting, just so there are no surprises. Once we know that you love it, we will ship your painting to you for free. Your painting will come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Bill of Sale.

Interested in commissioning a painting with Rokoff Studio?

Book a call today!

Here is a snapshot of some paintings that Alexander has been commissioned to paint.

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