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is a contemporary figurative painter living on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  He was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he worked under various artists and became fluent in multiple two and three-dimensional disciplines. This path led to a painting style that is both sculptural and painterly.  Rokoff's central focus has always been the figure. It is here that he explores the language of gesture and expression and creates imagery that is evocative and timeless.


Rokoff spent two years apprenticing in Norway and France with renowned figurative painter Odd Nerdrum.  Rokoff's works have been exhibited in Beverly Hills, New York City, Paris, Santa Fe, Taos, and across Central and South America.  Rokoff's works have appeared in John Carpenter's film Vampires as well as the TV series Portlandia and Grimm. In 2003, driven to pass on the timeless techniques he had learned, and some that he had created, Alexander launched Rokoff Studio, an oil painting school in Portland, Oregon. Rokoff Studio was mentioned in the Huffington Post as one of three places to study representational painting on the west coast. In 2012 Alexander was one of five recipients of the Calligram Falcon Fellowship.


In 2014, Alexander visited Hawai’i and was captivated by the people and the beauty of the Big Island. Before the end of his stay, he had painted a new body of work and knew that he would return to live on the island. Just a few short years later Alexander relocated his home and Rokoff Studio to the Island of Hawai’i.


In January 2021 Alexander and his wife Camille opened Rokoff Studio, a brick-and-mortar gallery in the heart of downtown Kona where Alexander's work is on display and available for purchase. 

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