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Consider TRANQUIL TIDE as your gateway to peaceful moments at Honokohau Harbor on Hawaii's Big Island. This painting captures the calm twilight there, a gentle Hawaiian breeze ruffling the shoreline as the sun gracefully sinks into the sea.


In the distance, soft clouds form a serene backdrop for a prominent piece of polished driftwood and a swaying palm tree, both in harmony with the soft coastal wind. Up close, the rich texture of oil paint on the sandy beach and the wind-blown tree provide a striking contrast against the atmospheric backdrop of clouds and ocean on the horizon.


Make this original oil painting a part of your world, and bring the calm beauty of Hawaii's shoreline into your space, offering a constant reminder of its serenity and natural allure.


An 18-inch by 36-inch original oil paintingdiptych offers versatile hanging options. Place the panels side by side over a couch or bed for balance, or on either side of a door or bedside for continuity in your room.


All paintings come with a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexander Rokoff.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Diptych of two canvases

Dimensions:18" x 36" Each / 36" x 36" Total


  • We stopped into the Studio while we were on the Big Island for a few weeks this summer, and had a very welcoming visit with Alexander Rokoff. Afterward, I could not stop thinking about how Rokoff captured both the tranquility and beauty of the Big Island in a way that one could feel it. My rule on art is that I have to walk away and see if it stays with me before I buy it.... and, well, this art did just that. I ended up contacting the Rokoffs once we were back home and commissioned a painting of Kailua Kona Bay with about 20 "easter eggs" to remind of us our summer in Hawaii. The completed piece arrived today, and I know I will cherish it forever. What a wonderful talent this artist has!

    Also, the Rokoffs were great to work with and took such great care in the packaging of our painting. They were also very transparent about pricing and planning out the piece, so there were no surprises.

    Read all of our Google Reviews here.

  • Send us a photo of your space and we will create a mock-up to scale for free! 

    Oil on Canvas

    Diptych of two 18" x 36" canvases

    36" x 36" Total


    *Please note that images of staged paintings are created to give a rough idea of scale. To make sure a piece will fit well in your space, please refer to the painting dimensions.*

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