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"FEAST OF THE PHEASANTS is a vibrant portrayal of the lush Hawaiian jungle, inspired by the Kalij pheasants that reside on Alexander and Camille's homestead. It offers a glimpse into their world, where they coexist harmoniously with the island's diverse wildlife. This painting is a tribute to the Big Island's incredible abundance and the profound respect they hold for the wildlife that shares their home.


In this captivating scene, a vigilant male pheasant stands watch, providing protection as his beloved mate enjoys ripe bananas high in a banana tree. Through the branches, the bright blue sky peeks, while dusty purple banana blossoms hangs below, creating a truly immersive experience.


Measuring an impressive 2 feet in width and 5 feet in height, this vertical composition can infuse a playful jungle ambiance into various spaces. It's particularly well-suited for areas where you want to make a bold statement and evoke a sense of awe, such as a grand entryway, a tall-ceilinged living room, or a spacious dining area. Bring the beauty of Hawaii's wildlife into your home today with FEAST OF THE PHEASANTS.


All paintings come with a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexander Rokoff.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 24" x 60" 


  • We found a great painting at the Rokoff Studio which remembers us every day to our trip to Hawaii and it attracts our visitors. Alexander and Camille are very friendly an doing their business with passion!

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  • Oil on Canvas

    24" x 60" 

    Send us a photo of your space and we will create a mock-up to scale for free!

    *Please note that images of staged paintings are created to give a rough idea of scale. To make sure a piece will fit well in your space, please refer to the painting dimensions.*

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