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All paintings come with a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexander Rokoff.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 12" x 60" 


  • We stopped into Mr. Rokoff's studio near the end of our Hawaii trip because he had the studio open and was working while we were walking around Kona. My partner loved his work and I did as well and we really enjoyed talking with Alexander about his love of Hawaii and his work. We initially left without buying anything but only made it a few yards before deciding we really wanted one of his paintings for our house. So we went back and now have an original hanging above our bed. We can't recommend Alexander's work enough and are very honored to have one of his beautiful paintings hanging in our home. Hopefully we'll add additional pieces in the future!

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  • Send us a photo of your space and we will create a mock-up to scale for free!

    *Please note that images of staged paintings are created to give a rough idea of scale. To make sure a piece will fit well in your space, please refer to the painting dimensions.*

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