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Hawaii's Big Island is no stranger to the breathtaking spectacle of rainbows, including mesmerizing double rainbows. LUMINOUS KONA captures one of these awe-inspiring moments, where a radiant rainbow descends into the ocean, casting its sublime glow on everything it touches.


The use of thick impasto paint in the depiction of lava rocks creates a striking contrast against the soft, ethereal light radiating from the rainbow. A spotlight from above illuminates the ocean waves below, with faint traces of a recently faded double rainbow.


An original oil painting measuring a generous one and a half feet in height and three feet in width, this vertical composition offers versatility in placement throughout your home. Whether you want to infuse a sense of whimsy or capture the vibrant energy of Hawaii, LUMINOUS KONA is the perfect addition.


All paintings come with a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Alexander Rokoff.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 18" x 36"


Don't miss the chance to bring the beauty of Hawaiian rainbows into your home. Purchase LUMINOUS KONA today.


  • Had a wonderful time chatting with the artist. We just stopped by just to look, but found an amazing landscape that we just had to make our own. Definitely was with the cost. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of our trip. It was shipped securely and quickly. Very happy we happened to stop by. - Frank & Family

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  • Oil on Canvas

    18" x 36"

    Send us a photo of your space and we will create a mock-up to scale for free!

    *Please note that images of staged paintings are created to give a rough idea of scale. To make sure a piece will fit well in your space, please refer to the painting dimensions.*

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