Original artwork creates a feeling of possibility. 

Alexander's world-renowned oil paintings have been sold and displayed all over the globe.

With his unwavering commitment to the old-world craft and dedication to enduring subject matter, he has developed a singular style that is instantly recognizable

Discover how to bring his timeless artwork into your life. 

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Curious about what Rokoff Studio can do for you?

As gallery director, Camille will take care of all the details that will bring your painting dreams to life. 

Rokoff Studio is an oceanfront gallery in Kona, Hawaii, owned by Alexander and his wife Camille that deals exclusively with original works by Alexander Rokoff. 


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Original Artwork Captures History

Paintings carry the mark of the artist's hand.

Originals art captures a moment in time when the artist created that specific piece, 

you'll never find the exact same work anywhere else because there is only one.

Original oil paintings have endured for hundreds of years. 

They won't crack or fade in the sun.

They're an investment that will last a lifetime. 

Alexander creates work in a very "painterly" style. 

You can clearly see the brush strokes and thick paint that's built up in specific places to add depth and texture.

 Alexander's work is easily

recognized as an original oil painting. 

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Alexander is a prolific painter, creating new paintings weekly. 

Check out what's new in the gallery today. 

These one-of-a-kind paintings are sold every day,

don't miss out on the one you've been looking for.

The Effect of

Large-Scale Paintings 

The right size painting creates a sense of calm and inevitability in a space.

A giant wall needs oversized artwork to effectively fill the space. 

Large works create a natural flow in a spacious area and actually makes a room feel bigger.

Alexander specializes in large-scale paintings.

Expertise in large-scale work is what really differentiates Rokoff Studio from other galleries.  

Alexander can create a custom large-scale oil painting in just a few months.

Book a consultation today to see what's possible with your space. 


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Alexander's work has been written about in multiple national magazines including American Art Collector and Huffington Post


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The art in your business speaks volumes.

Artwork tells the story of the organization and the people who inhabit the space. 

A fresh visual environment stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving.  

A company's art collection is part of a larger public relations strategy, showing a commitment to being a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.  

Hanging fine art on the walls has the power to raise morale and productivity among employees, especially if it's changed out at regular intervals.  

Original artwork in a business projects a feeling of luxury and reliability. 

Make a Rokoff original part of your company art collection.

Alexander's paintings have hung on the walls of countless small businesses and

city landmarks like Mississippi Studios, and the mayor's office in Portland, Oregon.

 We love working with businesses of all types and sizes. 

At Rokoff Studio we are highly experienced at packing, shipping, and installing artwork. 

 We provide services like design consultation, installation, and a digital mock-up of your space.

Portraits are a record of the human spirit.

Portrait and figurative paintings have a rich history that dates back to prehistoric times. 

Historically portraits were created to honor a family member or a celebrated figure in society. 

Portrait paintings make a striking addition to any art collection. 

Alexander has been called the painter of souls.

He has been dedicated to the old-world craft of painting people in a renaissance style for decades. He was awarded the Calligram Fellowship to create a body of figurative work that eventually went on to hang in the Mayor's office in Portland, Oregon.

Book a call today to learn how to add a timeless portrait to your art collection. 


Something for someone who has everything. 

Commissioned paintings can tell your personal story. 

A painting that's created just for you presents the opportunity to add personalized details that will highlight special moments in your life. 

From a new family member, to a place that has sentimental memories, commissioned paintings tell the detailed stories of a life well lived. 

Alexander can work from photographs and is happy to include custom elements that will make a one-of-a-kind painting that will be treasured through the generations. 


How are the paintings shipped?

We make custom wooden art crates in-house and ship them through UPS.

Can you create a digital mock-up of a painting in my space?

Absolutely. We will happily create a complimentary mock-up of a painting in your space.

Do you sell prints?

We are in love with the special nature of original artwork, and because of this, we only sell original paintings.

Do you offer Kama Aina?

Yes! We show love for our Big Island neighbors by giving 10% off on all paintings.

Do you offer installation?

We can provide installation for large-scale paintings. Send us a message to learn more.

Can you recommend lighting tips?

Definitely. We have an in-depth article on lighting artwork. You can check it out here.

Can I commission a painting?

Yes! We take commissions all the time. Send us a message and we can talk details.

Can I make payments?

Yes! We're happy to split up the price of your painting into 4 monthly payments. Send us a message, it's easy to set up.

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes, every painting comes with a COA signed by Alexander. Some paintings even come with a video of the painting being created. 

Do you represent any artists other than Alexander?

No. We love and collect other artist work, but we work exclusively with Alexander Rokoff's paintings. 

Do you have a question we didn't answer? Drop us a line, we're happy to help!


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